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Felicitas Mendez Activist
Felicitas Gómez Martínez de Mendez was a Puerto Rican activist in the American civil rights movement. In 1946, Mendez and her husband Gonzalo led an educational civil rights battle that changed California and set an important legal precedent for... Wikipedia
Born : February 5, 1916, Juncos, Puerto Rico
Died : April 12, 1998, Fullerton, CA
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Mendez's three children, Sylvia, Gonzalo Jr. and Jerome Mendez, attended Hoover Elementary, a two-room wooden shack in the middle of the city's Mexican??... Early years · School segregation in ... · Mendez v. Westminster · Legacy
Felicita Mendez fought against discrimination in the California public education ... Gonzalo Mendez went to school in Westminster school district as a child.
4 days ago · In 1944, Mendez launched a lawsuit after her children were denied enrollment in a California public school due to being Hispanic.
4 days ago · Google Doodle honors Felicitas Mendez who fought school ... California, after her children were refused enrollment at a local public school?...
5 days ago · In 1944, the Mendez's three children were refused enrollment at a local public school based on their ethnicity and skin color. Unwilling to?...
5 days ago · Felicitas Mendez is remembered for successfully suing a school district that refused to enroll her children based on their ethnicity, paving the?...
5 days ago · To offer her children a better education, Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez applied for their three children to be allowed into 17th Street Elementary,?...
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